Pure + Potent

Our Promise

We believe in the power of nature. Formulated with only the purest and most potent active botanicals, our products help you achieve healthy, glowing skin and reach your wellness goals. You don't have to choose between natural and effective. Native Nectar brings you the best that nature has to offer with modern, tested ingredients. 

Modern Rituals

Self-care Is a Lifestyle

We know in our modern world it can be hard to find time for self-care. That's why we create products that multi-task and are effective. Whether you're rushing out the door and need a no-rinse cleanser or are taking time to pamper yourself with a home spa night, Native Nectar has you covered. Luxury doesn't have to be exclusive. Let us help you create your own self-care rituals so you feel confident in your skin. 

Clean + Conscious

Beauty that isn't cruel

We believe that caring for ourselves shouldn't come at the expense of nature or animals. Native Nectar is committed to being cruelty-free with no animal testing for any of our products or individual ingredients. We also strive to use reusable and recyclable packaging as much as possible to limit our impact on the earth. 


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