Pumpkin Spice For Your Face

It’s that time of year again…Pumpkin Spice everything! And while indulging in a PSL or slice of pumpkin pie might help get you in the Fall mood, there’s even more reason to love pumpkin year round. Pumpkins are full of beauty enhancing properties, perfect for helping skin transition into the different seasons.

Natural Acids

Pumpkin is full of alpha hydroxy acids, which are natural fruit acids that help slough dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Getting rid of those dead skin cells helps revitalize dull complexions, giving you a healthy glow.


Beta-carotene is a Vitamin A-derivative that helps decrease wrinkles, lessen the appearance of brown spots and scarring from acne, and can even help reverse UV damage. In addition, pumpkin is high in brightening Vitamin C which with its antioxidants fights free radicals and damage from the environment.


The mineral zinc is abundant in pumpkin and is known for its ability to prevent and heal acne.

In addition to these natural star ingredients found in pumpkin, the Native Nectar Pumpkin Peel Mask contains glycolic acid for even more skin renewal, sunflower, neem and meadowfoam oils for soothing hydration, and warming spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to increase blood flow.

Give yourself a treat year round with the Pumpkin Peel Mask and enjoy bright and beautiful skin no matter the season!

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