Skincare Science: Why Delivery Systems Matter

Today as consumers we're more informed than ever. Many of us check ingredient lists and do our best to see past marketing claims to make decisions based on science and facts. But having impressive ingredients isn't enough if those nutrients aren't able to be absorbed by the skin.
How ingredients are formulated and delivered to the skin can be the difference between a seeing results and essentially throwing your money away on ineffective formulas. At Native Nectar we utilize a Liposomal Delivery System to ensure that actives don't just sit on the surface of the skin but are absorbed into the deeper layers and cell matrix. Liposomes are capable of holding other ingredients by having an aqueous solution core surrounded by a hydrophobic membrane, in the form of a lipid bilayer. The hydrophillic (water loving) solutes that are dissolved in the core cannot readily pass through the bilayer of skin; by being encapsulated in the same material that cell membranes are made of,   they are absorbed better as they bond to these membranes first, facilitating delivery of nutrients.
Not all ingredients need to be encapsulated in Liposomes, but for actives and nutrients that are not readily absorbed into the skin we formulate these ingredients to be as effective as possible so you see results and achieve your healthiest skin. You can find Liposomal Delivery Systems utilized in our Youth Glow Serum and Skin Supplement Serums: Vitamin A + Peptides, Vitamin B3+B5, Vitamin C + CoQ10

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